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Once the land is lost, it’s not easily restored.

What we're doing

We are preserving the unspoiled nature of the Kingsburg Peninsula for the health and enjoyment of all.

We seek to balance the need for community growth with the need to protect the unique geographic features, biodiversity, historical significance, and connection to nature this area provides us all.

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Protect Land

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Protecting the Shaubac

An area of historical, cultural, recreational, and environmental significance.

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Feltzen South

Home to a biodiverse ecosystem that provides critical habitat to many species.

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Gaff Point

A rugged peninsula with steep cliffs.

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Kingsburg Beach

Beautiful stretch of curving beach.

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What’s new at Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy?

Sept 2024

Leave No Trace Workshop

How can we enjoy and explore our precious wilderness wetlands without causing them harm or damage? Join us for this 2.5 hour workshop that will share with you the 7 principles of leaving no trace.

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