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Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy: keeping Nova Scotia's coastline safe, accessible.
Our Mission: To conserve and protect shoreline, wetlands, beaches, freshwater habitats, fields and forests, and to ensure that access to these places, both on Kingsburg peninsula and in neighbouring areas, remains available to the public forever.

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2015 AGM details

The Board is very pleased to let you know that at our AGM on Wednesday, July 15, we were able to both attain the long-elusive quorum for the AGM and the super-quorum required to make the proposed changes to our bylaws! Many thanks to all those who were able to attend the meeting and participate in the discussions pertaining to the work of the KCC and the revised bylaws.

For your reference, the 2015 Directors' Report, related information from the AGM, and our now approved bylaws are now available on the website by clicking on AGM-2015.htm. Briefly, the new bylaws . . .

  • create one category of membership and simplify the process of becoming a member (with individual and family membership options). As a result, the "full" or "sustaining" member divisions no longer exist, and all members are eligible to vote at future AGMs or special meetings.
  • shift the timeframe for calling an AGM by one month, enabling Board to hold an AGM in August when more members might be here, rather than July. Next year, this will likely result in the consolidating of the AGM and annual Community Potluck on the same day in August.
  • establish a new quorum requirement: "No business shall be transacted at any general meeting of the Conservancy unless a quorum of thirty-five (35) or thirty percent (30%) of members, whichever is the lesser, is present at the commencement of such business."

We believe these key changes and the other modifications made to the bylaws will enhance our work as a conservancy as we continue to grow and develop as an organization.

And, keep in mind that our Community Potluck this year is on Wednesday, August 19, starting at 6:00 at the Riverport Community Centre. Kingsburg resident and architect Brian McKay-Lyons will be out guest speaker.

Thanks again for your support!
KCC Board of Directors

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