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Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy: keeping Nova Scotia's coastline safe, accessible.
Our Mission: To conserve and protect shoreline, wetlands, beaches, freshwater habitats, fields and forests, and to ensure that access to these places, both on Kingsburg peninsula and in neighbouring areas, remains available to the public forever.

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We have a couple of exciting announcements to share:
KCC Arts Grant

The Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy (KCC) is excited to announce the receipt of a commissioning grant from Arts Nova Scotia. The project is called Land as Art: A meeting of conservation and creation.

The KCC will commission three south shore artists to create land art. The artists are: Don Pentz, a well-known and accomplished painter; Andrew Maize, a conceptual artist currently working with the new Lunenburg School of the Arts; and, Mariëtte Roodenburg, a photographer whose luminous photographs are exhibited internationally. The artists will work directly on the beautiful Kingsburg peninsula to create art out of natural materials found in the landscape. Although the art will be temporary, the project will be documented by Ms. Roodenburg and shared online.

We will keep you posted on this wonderful project!

Summer AGM, July 15, 2015

Our Summer AGM is just around the corner! On Wednesday, July 15, at 7:00 at the Riverport Community Centre KCC members will assemble to talk about the year that has just past and to discuss the year ahead.

In addition at the AGM, we are proposing a significant revision to our bylaws and hope you can join us for this discussion. For your reference, click to see the bylaws.

Briefly, the revised bylaws will do the following:

  • consolidate all memberships into one category, doing away with the present voting and sustaining categories, so that any member who is able to attend an AGM or special meeting has a right to vote.
  • establish a new AGM quorum level of "at least thirty-five (35) members or thirty (30) percent of members, whichever is the lesser."
  • shift the timeframe in which an AGM must be held by one month which will allow us to hold our AGM in August when many more KCC members would likely be in the area and able to attend.
  • update the bylaws to recognize the use of various 21st century technologies in our communications.
  • create a category covering special committees that might be formed to support and enhance the work of the organization.
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